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Her Queen Mistress

Volume I:

The Erotic Adventures of Snow White

(Erotic Kingdom Fairytale Series)

Snow White, the fairest maiden of the land, has more erotic adventures than any submissive could hope for— some welcome and others not— while journeying through the Kingdom of Lust to her ultimate destiny and Master. 

Volume I:  Her Queen Mistress 

When the insatiable Queen of the Kingdom of lust sees Snow for the first time while riding through her village, she simply must have her for her collection of sex slaves.  

Snow is brought back to the Queen's lair and stripped of all dignity, undergoing a long initiation before the Queen's audience, where she is forced to endure a variety of BDSM erotic torment before finally surrendering her virginity to the Queen herself.

Then she must withstand a rigorous training period, learning to be sexually receptive on demand.  Once her training is complete, Snow spends years entertaining her Mistress with an endless array of carnal performances.


The entire journey back to the castle, Snow couldn’t help but wonder what the Queen wanted with her.  When she attempted to enquire, all she received in response was a sharp glare from the Guard.  After that she presumed it in her best interest to remain silent.  But all the while she had the sinking feeling that whatever it was, it could not be good.
At last the castle loomed before them.  Snow had never seen it up close before.  It was far more colossal than she had ever imagined.  It was really quite impressive, indeed, with its many watch towers and well-aged grey stone walls that had held up despite the countless attacks since Ravenna had taken over the land.  She was not a popular Queen. Unlike most monarchs, she had no desire to keep amicable relations with fellow kingdoms.  She had nil tolerance for not getting her way and had quickly developed a reputation of a ruthless ruler and thus had made many enemies in a surprisingly short time.  And yet somehow the Queen always seemed to elude calamitous attacks on the castle.
The carriage came to a stop and Snow was abruptly pulled from it.  The Guards said not a word as they marched her into the castle.  Snow was confused when instead of taking her to stand before the Queen as she had anticipated, they promptly escorted her down several flights of stairs.  But as soon as they heaved open the massive old door, although she had never personally beheld one before, still the identity of this place was unmistakable.
It was a dungeon.
Her pleading eyes flashed to the Guard.  But his hard face remained cold, not looking at her as he dragged her inside of the dreary stone room where not even a hint of sunlight peeked through to give false hope.  
“Please Sir, do not put me down here!” Snow cried as he dragged her through the long dark corridor illuminated only by the occasional flickering light from a nearly burnt down candle.  “I swear to you I have committed no crime!”
There was no response.  
Finally he slowed his step and stopped before yet another massive door.  Snow’s stomach tightened as she anticipated what else would be waiting for her behind this door.  But she was not at all prepared for what she was about to see.  She fully expected it to be a small empty room which would serve as her cell for some indeterminable length of time until they found her guilty of some contrived crime and sentenced her to execution.  However, she could not have been further from the truth. 
The Guard opened the door to reveal a rather expansive room.  Though it was still dark and cold, it seemed to have less of a dreary ambiance than the rest of the dungeon. Perhaps that was due to the luxurious fabrics draped about the room.  Still, this was in sharp contrast to the vast array of strange equipment and apparatus situated about the room.  There were chains hanging down randomly from the rafters.  Some of the things looked to be some sort of weaponry.  There was a wide variety of leather whips and floggers.  A wooden table with straps affixed to it.  Then Snow gasped as she realised what this all was.  These were devices of torture.
“Get on with you, wench!” the Guard snapped, heaving her further inside.  
When they rounded the corner, Snow was shocked to see a blonde woman and two men chained and bound on the floor.  But that’s not what shocked her.  What shocked her was the fact that they were stark naked.  If she hadn’t comprehended the severity of her fate before, she surely did in this moment.  The Guard pushed her onwards to a spot along the wall just a few metres from them.  He reached for the old chains hanging from the stone wall and grabbing her hard, fastened the iron shackles around her wrists.  When he clicked the lock closed, he pushed her down to the floor and turned and marched off without another word.
Snow was uncomfortable at once, with her arms drawn up over her head as they were by the chains.  Even with this ostensible doomed fate looming before her, Snow felt herself blushing at seeing a male so blatantly nude.   Never before had she looked upon another’s nakedness, and especially not that of a man.  
Though she was a mere peasant, still, she had been brought up with scrupulous morals.  Out of respect for them— as well as for herself— Snow strained to avert her eyes, but found it to be most difficult.  They all had beautiful bodies.  The blonde female’s body was beautiful, flawless.  It was long and slender, with subtle curves.  She noted how her breasts were a bit smaller than her own, but attractive in their own right with rosy upturned nipples.  
But it was the males who really stirred her.  One was blonde and blue-eyed.  The other appeared to be of Spanish descent with darker skin, hair and eyes.  Both were at the zenith of their manhood and their physiques were breathtaking.  Their sculpted torsos displayed more ripples than the rolling hills of her childhood play land.  
Snow had never imagined she would be so affected by the sight of another’s body.  Now, at last, she fully understood her parents’ preaching on the significant power of lust, and the importance of the avoidance thereof.  
Snow swallowed back her flurry of emotions as she prepared to question them.  “Pardon me, my Lady, good Gents, but can you please tell me what I am doing here?”  
Not one of the three slaves answered her or even bothered to look her way.  
Snow felt hurt at their lack of acknowledgment, but tried again, nonetheless.  “Please, I beg of you, what does the Queen want with me?  Why are we kept down here?”
Hours passed as Snow sat there in frustration and increasing discomfort on that cold stone floor.  A few hours later, a girl came with food for them.  She tried to question her, as well.  But she, too, disregarded her and left without a word.  A glorious meal it was not, but for her, it really was not much different from how she was accustomed to eating.

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