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The Erotic Adventures of Snow White 

(Fantasy Fairy tale Series Erotic Kingdom)

Snow White, the fairest maiden of the land, has more erotic adventures than any submissive could hope for— some welcome and others not— while journeying through the Kingdom of Lust to her ultimate destiny and Master. 

The Huntsman, Volume II of
The Erotic Adventures of Snow White

A sudden rude awakening has the Huntsman dragging Snow to the woods.  Upon discovering that the Queen has ordered her killed, Snow pleads with him for her life.  His covetous eyes perusing over the alluring Snow, he is quick to devise a fair exchange which she cannot refuse and thanks him copiously for sparing her. 

Snow begs for the Huntsman to be her new Master. After respectfully declining her tempting offer, he warns her to run far away, lest the Queen discover her alive.

Excerpt for 'The Huntsman', Volume II of The Erotic Adventures of Snow White 

It was in the early hours of the morning when Snow was so rudely jolted awake.  Forcing open her sapphire blue eyes, she looked up to see a large figure towering over her.  However, her vision was hazy in her half-awake state.  Thus, before she could discern who it was, the hovering figure was brusquely manipulating the shackles on her ankles.  Disoriented, in her alarm Snow assumed a fetal position.  The figure moved up set about removing the shackles from her wrists.  

Snow searched her brain for an answer to this rather incongruous event.  Particularly at this early hour, what reason could there possibly be for her to be awoken and unshackled? Whatever it was, one thing was to be certain— it could not have been good.  

All the other slaves still slumbered, and Snow doubted her Mistress, the Queen Ravenna, would be requesting carnal entertainment at such an early hour.  Besides, other than her initial claiming in the great auditorium when she had first been brought to the castle, all of her required performances had always been there in the dungeon where Snow had lived these past couple years.  That is, if one could refer to her life as she now knew it as living.  To be sure it was a very loosely coined term to apply to the existence she had known since first having been brought to serve the Queen quite against her will.

At last, her drowsy eyes had adjusted well enough to allow her to determine who it was that was now forcing her to her feet.  It was her Majesty’s huntsman.  

The Huntsman?  No!

This confirmed her worst fear.  It was bad.  Quite bad, indeed.  Nevertheless, Snow did not understand how this could be.  The Queen only sent her faithful huntsman after those unfortunate souls who had been deemed traitors or who had allegedly wronged the Queen in one trite way or another.  Snow thought very hard and yet could find no way in which she could have displeased the Queen to give her justification in wanting her once valued presence removed.

Reaching the exit to the dungeon, the Huntsman pulled open the heavy door easily with one hand, his other seizing tight the arm of the bewildered maiden.  Down the long corridor he marched her, until they had reached the commons of the castle.  All at once, a myriad of eyes shot in Snow’s direction, the noblemen gawking indecently, the ladies regarding her with loathing for the raw sexual appeal she held for their men. 

Were it not for the disconcerting uncertainty of her present predicament, Snow just may have thought the whole thing rather humorous, perhaps even strutted about with her head held high and her chest out just to spite them.  As it was, she had more grave matters weighing upon her mind.  Furthermore, she thought it ironic that even after all the time she had spent in the dungeon without having the privilege of being shielded in a single thread of garment, still she could feel shame as she was now forced to march through the castle for all eyes to gawk at her flagrant nakedness.

And for that reason withstanding, it felt like the final humiliation before the ultimate sentence.

Beginning to feel rather ill from this, Snow turned her face towards that of her assigned warden, hoping to convey her disgrace to him so that perhaps he would take pity upon her and cover her with the cloak he was wearing about his shoulders.  But to her disbelief, he did not look upon her, but maintained his unwavering gaze straight ahead.  In fact, the Huntsman had determined not to allow the loveliness of the maiden to in any way affect the mission he had been sent to carry out by her Majesty. 

She continued to stare at him, finding she was unable to will her eyes away.  And as she studied him, Snow found herself rather intrigued with the rugged handsomeness of the Huntsman.  All things considered, he was a considerable contrast to the fine-looking young gents in the dungeon to which Snow had become so accustomed.  A man of large stature, he towered over her and she did not doubt for one second that he could snap her in two with those strong hands of his, had he the mind to.  He possessed attractive features, his carved jawline covered in golden hair to match that upon his head, his broad shoulders easily putting him at twice her own breadth.  

Despite her present circumstance, Snow’s mind was already wandering, fantasizing about him taking her into his strong arms, how it might feel to have his coarsely bearded face pressed against the smoothness of hers in a passionate kiss— not to mention to other much more delicate regions of her body.  Suddenly Snow found herself yearning to be dominated by him, for him to command her to pleasure him.  And pleasuring another was something which Snow definitely knew well of.  The mere thought of showing this man all she could do had her insides stirring with want.  

What would it be like to be taken by a brawny man such as him?  I wonder how it would be to serve a man for once?  

Such illusions as these were clouding Snow’s thoughts as the Huntsman persisted in marching her through the castle gates and out towards the wood beyond.

Once they were well into the wood and out of sight of the castle, abruptly he released his hold upon her.  She was relieved to see him remove the cloak from around his own shoulders.  For the first time, turning to face her, the Huntsman swung the heavy cloak around hers.  As he slowly tied the ribbon into a bow beneath Snow’s chin, he lifted his eyes, at last making contact with hers.  Holding his gaze there, he seemed to look deeper still, as though yearning to reach into her soul.  The sensation alone of him gazing deep into her eyes like that made her quiver with desire.  In that moment, she became lost in them, and her other concerns virtually melted away. 

Re-asserting his steadfast position, the Huntsman averted his eyes from hers and turned back towards the path.  “That should help,” he stated simply.  And yet, that single statement instilled Snow with an abundance of hope— not to mention deepening her longing for him.  It was the first time she had heard his voice.  The low roughness of it made her sex clinch.  It was the voice of a man rather than a boy.  And she couldn’t help but imagine what sorts of lascivious things a full-fledged man such as him might be able to do to her. 

Raising his hand to her forearm, he resumed his firm grip upon her once more, and proceeded to lead her on down the path through the wood. 

Snow thought that they must have surely shared something significant in that prolonged moment.  Hoping that his simple gesture of kindness meant he was willing to show her some form of sympathy, she queried him, “Tell me, why have I been ordered to be removed from the dungeon… from the castle?” 

The Huntsman did not answer her, although she was certain she perceived the resolute expression upon his handsome face alter ever so slightly.  Recovering his silence, he led her on.  

When she felt she couldn’t stand another moment of his silence, Snow decided instead to focus upon the feel of his large hand around her arm.  And even though it was hurting her, so could she feel the heat of his skin burning into hers.  Soon it was as though a fire had ignited within her, the smouldering heat spreading through her until her sex, too, was afire— for him.  Liquefying her from within, it began seeping out, moistening her thighs as she walked beside him.

After quite some time had passed, in conflict with her desire, the ambiguity of her fate was also filling Snow with a mounting sense of dread.  Unable to take not knowing another second, anxiety took hold of her.

“I beg of you, Huntsman, please tell me where it is you are taking me?”

The Huntsman, Volume II 
The Erotic Adventures of Snow White

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