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The Erotic Adventures of Snow White

Coming February 10th 2015

Volume III:  The Enchanted Forest 

After keeping her end of the bargain with the handsome Huntsman in exchange for sparing her life when her Queen Mistress had ordered her death, Snow White is on her own for the first time in her life. As she wanders aimlessly through the Enchanted Forest, she encounters perils as well as countless unexpected pleasures in this magical place filled with lusty mystical creatures such as insatiable wood nymphs, satyrs, dragons and werewolves.   

Coming March 15th 2015
Volume IV:  The Seven Woodsmen

Snow comes upon a cottage in the woods and makes herself quite comfortable.  When the seven woodsmen come home to find the enticing Snow in their bed, they graciously invite her to stay for as long as she likes— so long as she provides them a service in return. 
She naively believes that to mean help with the domestic chores. 
When they discover she is wanted by the Queen, they agree to keep her identity a secret, if she will submit to their carnal demands.  
After having finally escaped the Queen’s perverse control of her, Snow vowed to be on her best behaviour. However, that proves to be more difficult than she thought it would be.  If only she could keep her eyes off their glistening muscles when they return home from a long day of work, not to mention their hard cocks so obviously straining against their trousers as she flits carefree about the house. 
But Snow questions whether she is woman enough to satisfy seven masters.

Coming April 15th 2015  

Volume V:  Rose Red

Rose Red, Snow’s bubbly red-haired stepsister, is elated to have found Snow after all these years.  The Woodsmen explain to her that Snow was put under a sleeping death spell by the Wicked Queen.  Rose and the Woodsmen try everything to rouse her awake to no avail.  When Sir Prince arrives, there is hope once more.

Coming May 15th 2015  

Volume VI:  Thanking Sir Prince

Sir Prince kisses Snow White, breaking the spell.  Upon awaking, Snow is surprised to see her sister, Rose Red there.  Snow knows that Sir Prince is the Master for which she has always hoped and is anxious to show him her deepest appreciation.
While Snow and the Prince take time to get better acquainted, Rose Red is more than happy to keep the Woodsmen entertained. 
Sir Prince proposes to Snow and divulges to Rose of his identical twin brother back at the Castle who has a weakness for redheads.

Twilight Garden 

(Realm of Fae Series, #1)

Available March 21st 2015

After graduating from medical school, Sean passes the summer in Scotland to explore the land of his family ancestry.  With only a few weeks left before he must return to the States where his promising new career awaits, he goes for a jaunt through the wood nearby his old cottage to soak up the ambience while he can.  

Twilight is upon him and as he is reluctantly turning back, he suddenly glimpses an ethereally beautiful faerie with a mythical creature at her side and becomes instantly smitten with her. However, she vanishes as soon as she perceives him gazing at her.  Desperate to see her again, Sean returns to the wood everyday searching for her, to no avail. 

With only a week remaining ‘til he must depart, his hope is dwindling that he will ever behold her again.  Though when a mishap renders him unconscious, he awakens to find himself in an enchanted land surrounded by a myriad of inquisitive faeries— along with many other mystical creatures— who do not feel compelled to conceal their bodies as do humans.  Sean endures being probed, prodded and sexually manipulated by these lusty faeries, all the while scanning for the one who led him to this magical place.  

Finally he sees her, but in contrast to the others, she is modest and utterly indifferent to him.  Ironically enough, she is also the only one who conceals herself.

Sean is hopeful when gradually she begins to show some interest in him, coming closer and begins to explore him.  When he awakes to a dragon snarling right in his face, he fears for his life.  That is, until his shy faerie flits over and fearlessly communicates with the ferocious dragon, saving his life.
When they join together, a magical transformation takes place within him.  He is blissfully astonished until he detects the chaos among the faeries.  Before Sean can understand what is happening, he is abruptly torn away from his love and cast back to the wood from whence he came.  

Will he ever see her again? 

The Turning of Niccolò 

(Anam Céile Chronicles Erotic Novella)

Autumn 2015

“What is this she has done to me? This woman who had so entranced me has now imprisoned my soul…”

It is the fifteenth century in the heart of the Renaissance— Florence, Italy.

Niccolò is a handsome young man living life to the fullest, enjoying the changes which have come with the enlightenment, art, music, science, philosophy— as well as p
ursuing his share of beautiful, young women.

That is, until he sets his sights upon the sophisticated Daniela, a striking young Florentine glitterati who exudes confidence and seems wise well beyond her years. What man wouldn’t want her? So, it would figure that she would be the only woman immune to Niccolò’s charms. Little does he know the gift she is secretly waiting to bestow upon him. 

After his much anticipated night on her bed, Niccolò awakes with a gift, but also a curse.

Suffering a brief loss of self-control, and then a long bout of depression, Niccolò is befriended by an older male Vampire who shows him how to reconcile himself with what he is now. 

One positive of his existence as a Vampire is that it has given him the opportunity to witness firsthand the sensational transformative progression of the Renaissance. After resolving not to allow his bloodthirsty nature to control him, Niccolò enjoys a rather cultured life, including camaraderie with such greats as Machiavelli and Michelangelo. He even has some famous lovers along the way. 

After the love of his life passes, Niccolò lives centuries in loneliness, certain he will never find that connection again. Sure, he still enjoys the occasional rendezvous, but that does so little to feed the soul of someone so complex as he. When he meets the masculine Vincenzo at Sanguelascivia, an erotic nightclub for the Vampire elite, he feels a connection he has not felt in a very long time. 

For the first time in two hundred and fifty years, at last Niccolò has hope he will love again…

 Enchanted Moonlight

(Book II, Realm of Fae)

Coming June 21st 2015


(Sanctum of Souls Series, #1)

Available October 21st 2015

The only woman Raphael has ever loved does not know he exists...

Raphael is a Guardian Angel with a predicament. He has fallen desperately in love with one of his charges. Ever since Grace was a child, Raphael saw something extraordinary in her. 

But in her world, she is anything but extraordinary. All her childhood, Grace suffered epileptic seizures, causing her mother to shelter her and her father to ridicule her. Now an adult and on her own, still she is hesitant to liberate herself, when what she really longs for is to do all the things she used to dream of as a child. And worse, she safeguards herself against love, fearing no one will ever truly accept her with her condition. 

Little does Grace know what— or whom— not only accepts her, but would give up eternity to be with her. 

To Raphael, Grace is the most compassionate, selfless soul he has ever perceived. A pediatric nurse at The Children’s Hospital of Seattle, she does whatever she can to help others who are less fortunate around her. At home, she creates exquisite art— her favored theme, Angels. 

From the moment she came into this world— after reviving her from her near fatal birth— Raphael has given excessive attention to protecting Grace. Watching her grow into a delightful young woman, he is stunned to discover he possesses feelings he never knew could exist for a being such as himself. In torment, he observes as she falls in love for the first time, and then ultimately suffers one heartbreak after another. 

Though she was able as a child, one day Grace suddenly cannot see him anymore— and then she never does again. Anxious to somehow make his presence known to her, Raphael revels in orchestrating phenomena to please her. He thrills in seeing her giggle like a carefree child again. Still, it seems Grace doesn’t connect these occurrences to him. Perhaps she has forgotten all about him. 

But that will change. The only question is, will it be for better or for worse? 

If there is one thing Raphael is guilty of, it’s virtually neglecting his Guardian responsibilities over the other humans entrusted to his care. While preoccupied with Grace and obsessing over a potential development in her love life, one of them is murdered. 

Repulsed and distraught over his failure, Raphael resolves it is time for him to distance himself from her— which turns out to be the worst decision he could have ever made. Grace offers a Good Samaritan act so typical of her, and is brutally attacked. Now in a coma, her life is dangling on the edge and he cannot bear the thought of losing her. The Angel of Death is lingering around her, just waiting to take her away forever. If Grace dies, Raphael knows she will pass out of his own hands, and into his— and he will never see her again. 

Raphael admits that there isn’t anything he desires more than to be with Grace. So he searches desperately for the solution to something of which he has heard obscure rumors— Angels who have chosen to fall. 

When he discovers it for himself, he is faced with the choice that will alter his very existence for all eternity. Will he forsake his eternal life as an Angel of the Seraphic order just to become a mere mortal man and have an ephemeral human life with the only one he has ever loved and cannot bear to give up?

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