Thursday, June 13, 2013

Announcing my Latest Release: 'The Falling of Katja'

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It is the Year 1633 in Hungary.

“How is it that I can experience so much pleasure even as my world is crumbling down around me?”

Katja is the beautiful daughter of a peasant family.  Since childhood she has been best friends with Štefan, the dashing son of a banker.  As she develops into a young voluptuous young woman, she realises she has always been in love with him, dreamed her whole life around him.  She has never imagined another life than one with him.

Then one day, Štefan comes by with some devastating news for her which drives them into one another’s arms.  In one day, as all of her dreams come crashing down, Katja is introduced to the pleasure of passion for the first time with the only man she will ever love.  

'The Falling of Katjais a 9,000 Word/ 35 Page Short Story.

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Excerpt for 'The Falling of Katja'  

   It was not always that I comprehended I loved him.  Perhaps that was because it was the only way it ever was.  Even so, I did know that being with him made me happier than anything else could, he was always the one person I felt I could be my utmost self with, who I trusted implicitly. 

   But then, one day while spending time with him it seemed to hit me all at once and I wondered how it was I never realised it before.  After that moment, there was no turning back.

   We were running through the wood and when we came out of it and into the meadow, I collapsed into the grasses to catch my breath.  Seconds later he caught up with me and tackled me.  I was so out of breath I could scarcely afford a laugh.  My chest heaving beneath the weight of his body pressed into me, I felt my breasts brush against him, and an everlasting spark was ignited.

   At first, I did not comprehend what it was.  It traveled through me as a speed of light and took up residence low within my belly, initiating there a subtle ache.  Evidently, Štefan had no idea of the sudden transformation which had just taken place in me as he was still engaged in laughing over me.  Suddenly, my eyes caught his and his bantering ceased as he slowly perceived the change there within them.

   For one precious moment, our eyes locked and at once my lips quivered at his face being so preciously close to mine.  I felt him lean in closer, the warmth of his breath washing over me and my eyes instinctively fell partly closed.  

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