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Win a Collection of the Books in the Anam Céile Chronicles!

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Anam Céile Chronicles!


A Love which Transcends Existence...
 It is the year 1702.  Aislinn, the daughter of a sheep farmer in western Ireland, is a tenacious redheaded lass who has NO intention of ever settling into the dutiful roles of marriage and motherhood demanded of her by her father. The only thing she has ever wanted is to pursue her dreams of being a professional fiddler, and that is fully what she intends to do— with or without the blessing of her family.
    Nevertheless, all that, and so much more, is about to change when she is unwillingly persuaded into participating in her older cousin’s girlish, traditional Celtic love spell to see the face of the lad she will be destined to marry. Aislinn doesn’t take it at all seriously, until that night when she dreams of a handsome dark-haired lad— just as she was told would happen.
    Falling for some charming lad was never part of her plans. Only now, Aislinn cannot seem to shake her obsession with him— nor does she want to! And though she never looks back after he comes into her life, things seem to do anything but fall beautifully into place. The vision of Donovan wasn’t the only vision that Aislinn had ever experienced. She had always felt out of the ordinary somehow.
    She just didn’t know why— yet.
    Her father never misses an opportunity to rebuke Aislinn for her peculiarities. He accuses her of being a changeling of the sidhe, the dreaded faerie folk of Ireland that delight in causing mischief for decent folk like him.
    Perhaps she is.
    Fact is, for most of her life, Aislinn has been tormented by strange visions. And now, every one of them is about to manifest themselves to her.
    Just when all Aislinn believes she wanted is right within her grasp, she awakes in a strange bed in a castle surrounded by Vampires and the commanding presence of a striking man with an otherworldly attraction. She has no idea of his intentions, but from the shivers surging down her spine she is certain she’s about to find out.
    Everything is about to change . . .
    She finds herself heaved into a world of secrets, violence and lust so powerful— it will either consume her or destroy her.
    The thing is, Aislinn has no earthly idea of who or what she actually is. To discover the secret for herself, she will embark on a quest which will test her strength and devotion more than she could ever have imagined.
    But first, she’ll have to lose everything!

‘Cailín’ is an 80,000 Word/ 295 Page Full-length Novel and is followed by Soeis, Book II of Anam Céile Chronicles.

'Donovan's Struggle'

“How am I to be the man I have determined to be fer her when the lusciousness of her curves tempt me endlessly?”

Donovan O’Connor has been in love with feisty redheaded Aislinn MacAuliffe since the first time he laid eyes on her— when they were both just practically children. Nonetheless, he told himself to forget about it, never imagining she would ever actually feel the same for him. Now she does and even more unbelievably, she is his! What can he do to prove himself worthy of her love?

To overcome his past, he has sworn to do everything right by her, including not robbing her of her virginity before they are wed. If he can do only one thing right in his life, he will do this. But Aislinn is making it harder on him by the day, forever enticing him as no suitable lady should. When they are caught in a heavy thunderstorm and must seek shelter— and shed their soaked clothes— will he be able to maintain his fortitude or will her provoking and his overwhelming desire for her get the better of him?

‘Donovan’s Struggle’ is an 18,500 Word/ 73 Page Erotic Romance Novella and compliments 'Cailín', Book I of Anam Céile Chronicles.

‘The Submission of Giuliana’

 “As I lay there being taken by two men, my orgasm swept through   me, yet it was for another who had pleasured me only in the realm of my mind.”

Giuliana never dreamed life would lead her to where she is now— serving as a sex performer and blood courtesan in the swanky vampire theatre Sanguelascivia in Venice, Italy. Some days, she hates to admit, she loves her job— what woman wouldn't enjoy being sexually pleasured in a variety of new ways every day? She has been serviced by some of the most mouthwatering men she has ever laid eyes on.  

And still other days, she cannot believe she has lowered herself to this. Then there are the Vampire patrons to whom she is expected to submit and entertain privately after the shows. Her life at Sanguelascivia is in severe contrast to the simple life she once knew with her husband and child. But she no longer allows herself to think of them. It is too painful to face the loss. 

Giuliana vowed she would never love again. That is, until she sees the striking Vincenzo her first night at the theatre and something stirs deep within her. Night after night she aches as she watches him with other women, wondering when she will finally have her turn to be pleasured by him. The only way she is able to endure her performances with the other men— and oft times women— is to fantasize about him pleasuring her.

Will she ever feel him against her skin, feel his lips hot upon hers, feel him moving inside of her?  

‘The Submission of Giuliana’ is an 18,000 Word/ 76 Page Erotic Romance Novella and compliments 'Leannán', Book III of Anam Céile Chronicles (Coming September 21st, 2013).

‘The Awakening of Celeste’

“I never fathomed I would know such immense pleasure as he has shown me.  I might even be happy, if only I can acclimate to this way of life.”

The year is 1499, Morocco.
While dreaming of returning home to receive the expected proposal of Mathieu, sixteen year old Celeste is instead sold to a procurer for the Sultan by her parents while on holiday to Rabat, Morocco from Paris, France.

She is scared and very angry. The other harem women dote on her and prepare her to be presented to the Sultan, instructing her on the ways of love. Her encounter with him is better than she feared and he makes love to her gently, introducing her to her first pleasures of the flesh, holding her in his arms the duration of the night.

In the afterglow of passion, Celeste begins to think perhaps her life will not be so bad. She thinks she has never felt so loved, so alive. He continues to call for her several days in a row. Her feelings escalate and she believes she is truly in love for the first time.

Then one day she is called into the Sultan’s chamber, along with two other women and expected to perform with them. Disgusted and confused, Celeste must watch him pleasure and be pleasured by the other women, as well as participate if she wishes to remain in his favor.

When she becomes pregnant, he seems overjoyed, and she is delighted to be able to give him a child. But will Celeste be able to continue to please him or will her jealousy get the better of her? Will she ever truly adjust to life as a harem wife?

‘The Awakening of Celeste’ is a 21,000 Word/ 85 Page Erotic Romance Novella and compliments 'Soeis', Book II of Anam Céile Chronicles.

‘The Falling of Katja’

 “How is it that I can experience so much pleasure even as my world is crumbling down around me?”

It is the Year 1633 in Hungary.
Katja is the stunning daughter of a peasant family. Since childhood she has been best friends with Štefan, the dashing son of a banker. As she developed into a voluptuous young woman, she realises she has always been in love with him, dreamed her whole life around him. She has never imagined another life than one with him.

Then one day, Štefan comes by with some devastating news for her which drives them into one another’s arms. In one day, as all of her dreams come crashing down, Katja is familiarized with the bittersweet pleasure of passion for the first time with the only man she will ever love.  

‘The Falling of Katja’ is a 10,000 Word/ 44 Page Erotic Romance Novelette and compliments 'Soeis', Book II of Anam Céile Chronicles


© 2013 Rosalind Scarlett

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