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Announcing the Official Release of 'L'amore di Vincenzo'!

It's here at last!  The Moment you have been Waiting for!  

'L'amore di Vincenzo', 

the highly anticipated novella following the Award Winning
'The Submission of Giuliana

Read on for the Story Description and Tantalizing Excerpt 

“The first time I laid eyes upon her, I was instantly mesmerized by her softness, her beauty.  I knew at once that I was done for… never would I want another woman.”

    Vincenzo was reasonably happy with his life.  He had a stylish place to live and a job most other men would die for— having sex with multiple partners every night and servicing wealthy clients in the VIP, male and female alike.  For years now, he had been one of the star performers at Sanguelascivia, a swanky erotic nightclub in Venice for the Vampire elite.
    But then Giuliana wandered in to the club, a destitute young widow who had nowhere else to turn.  She was nothing like the other women there at Sanguelascivia.  Sure, many of them were gorgeous and naturally, he enjoyed fucking them, but none of them ever interested him in the least.      Perhaps it was merely because Giuliana was not yet hardened by this lifestyle.  She was beautiful in a soft and compassionate kind of way that he had not known in a long time. 
    Never had Vincenzo seen anyone quite like her.
    And now, he could not seem to get her out of his mind. 
    Nor did he want to.
    Vincenzo begins fantasizing about Giuliana during his every performance with the other women.  Then he must agonizingly witness her initiation performance with two men.  Will he be able to stand it, or will his emotion get the better of him? 
    Will they ever be scheduled to perform together so that he may know the pleasure of being with her?  It is as if someone is determined to keep them apart…
    But then something happens which forces Vincenzo to act quick, altering the course of both of their fates forever.  He has to make the most difficult choice of his life— fleeing Sanguelascivia, and the woman he loves.
    Will he ever see Giuliana again or will he go through eternity longing for the one woman who has ever touched his heart?

Excerpt for 'L'amore di Vincenzo' 

    And so, it was due to my reflection over this that I did not see her immediately.  My mind was far too preoccupied with deliberating over this ever present quandary when she had been led into the performer’s room.  Focusing upon my own thoughts, I was standing there in the crowd of other performers, fully nude, as were most of them— male and female alike— something with which I was utterly at ease.
    Lucia, our director held up her hand to get our attention.  “Everyone, please allow me to introduce you to Giuliana.  She has just arrived at Sanguelascivia tonight and will be joining our troupe.  I trust all of you will make her feel more than welcome.”
Filled with disinterest, I sighed. 
    Yet another. 
    In a typical month at Sanguelascivia, I saw no less than half dozen new females come through there.  The majority of them were not anything special, in my opinion, but then I suppose my standards were quite elevated after becoming accustomed to working with and having the opportunity to sample some of the most appealing female flesh in all of Venice.  Though what most men would still consider pretty, those more ordinary women just failed to adequately excite me.
    Lifting my head out of sheer courtesy, my eyes found her easily.  
    She exuded pure and innocent femininity.  She did not come before her new work fellows fully nude in order to display all that she offered as did most of the new ones.  Rather she was dressed in her flowing white night dress, which I found to be quite a charming breath of fresh air.  Her cascading waves of lustrous chestnut hair which fell over her shoulders and across her chest framed her flawless face highlighting large childlike emerald eyes.  Her skin, a lovely shade of caramel, invited caressing with its apparent silkiness.  
    In that instant, I knew. 
    Everything in my world was about to transform.  In just which way that was to be, I simply could not yet fathom.  But one thing I did know without question.
    Never would I be the same.
    Her enchanting eyes darted over the crowd nervously.  Her eyes landed upon Gretchen, a fair skinned Dutch redhead who was not one of my particular favourites there.  Giuliana, however, seemed to take an immediate liking to her, her cheeks flushing temptingly, her succulent lips curling up to reveal a smile which made me want to drop to my knees— and not solely for the reason I typically did before a woman.
    Indeed, her demure demeanour was quite endearing, which is perhaps why I was so drawn to her.  While being around those sexually aggressive and experienced females all the time was unarguably great, it was a nice variation to see how a true lady behaved.  On the other hand, sadly, I did not expect she would last there too long.  I had seen her kind come and go before.  If they forced themselves to remain too long, they would soon lose their minds. 
    This line of work certainly did not suit everyone, particularly when it came to women.  Of course, the majority of men who worked at Sanguelascivia remained on for quite some time.              After all, what red-blooded male would not be up for being paired with an ever-changing variety of attractive sexual partners and instructed to perform the lustiest of carnal acts on a nightly basis?
    Just then, Giuliana’s lovely eyes landed upon me, locking with mine.  My mouth remaining stationary, I unwillingly conveyed my interest through my eyes, causing her breath to hitch.  If I had been one of our patrons— a Vampire— I was more than certain I would have been able to detect the pulsing of her veins as the blood rushed through them in response.  That knowledge instigated my own blood commence to rushing, thickening the organ between my legs.  For the first time, I actually felt mildly embarrassed, and was grateful that my form was likely hidden with me near the back of the crowd.
    Lucia spoke again.  “Giuliana here is a virgin… a virgin to knowing the pleasures of a woman, that is,” she added facetiously. 
    Well, that certainly does nothing to help my condition!
    From Giuliana’s rather discomfited reaction, it was more than clear that she was not accustomed to this sort of provocative dialogue in her presence. 
    No, I cannot imagine she will be here all that long— if she even makes it beyond her first night, that is!  Sigh…  That is rather unfortunate.  I can only hope that I shall have the occasion to relish her in the short time she is here.
    “Now, which of you would like to volunteer to delight her in the pleasures of women?” 
Without thinking, I began to raise my hand, abruptly cursing myself for having not been born a woman.
    Oh, how I wish I were a woman right now!  I would have not missed being the first to volunteer to initiate her to all the pleasures she would ever know!
    As I focused upon her lovely face, I perceived that her expression was an interesting mixture of intrigue and what was it… ambivalence, perhaps?
   “I shall,” the redhead volunteered enthusiastically in her Dutch accent.  She turned to Giuliana, “I am Gretchen.”
    Appearing relieved, Giuliana smiled coyly as she stepped forward to take the privileged woman’s outstretched hand. 
   “I am Giuliana,” the angel spoke.  I loved the way in which she enunciated each syllable of her name with delicacy.  Yes, the markings of a true lady.  “I am most pleased to be of your acquaintance.” 
    Her voice was soft, the most lyrical voice ever I had heard.  The sound of it awakened something deep within me that I did not even realise I possessed.
   “We shall see how pleased you are to be of my acquaintance in a short time.” Gretchen’s tone was clear in her intent, only making me all the more envious.  She winked at her, and Giuliana giggled nervously.
    To my surprise, Giuliana, gazing up through her lush mahogany lashes, stole a parting glance at me as the redhead led her from the room, and out of my sight for the time being.  If I was not mistaken, her look told me she was disappointed to leave my sight, as well. 
    Ah, Vincenzo, get ahold of yourself!  What would a gem like her want with a rogue like you?
    Disregarding my own mocking inner voice, I was anticipating the next time I would see her.            Perhaps if I were fortunate enough, I would be the first to initiate her to the stage performance, just she and I alone with no one to intrude on that amazing moment.  Already, the thought of her being presented to another male was making the blood within my veins seethe.

'L'amore di Vincenzo'  

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© 2014 Rosalind Scarlett

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