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Leannán, Book III of Anam Céile Chronicles on Sale $0.99!


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Leannán, Book III 

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The Path which Destiny Beckons . . .

After bidding farewell to her homeland of Ireland once more, Aislinn courageously returns to Italy to accept the offer presented her by the sophisticated male vampire, Niccolò, to reside with him in the beautiful Renaissance city of Florence.

She is anxious to learn from him of his more compassionate and less primeval lifestyle as a vampire. Finally, never will she have to kill again to satisfy her blood lust!

But, will it really be as simple as all that?

Aislinn is disheartened when it does not go as effortlessly as she had hoped, and she must deal with killing again, even if it was by accident. Then, once she finally has that mastered, she must struggle against another sort of lust overwhelming her every time she is with her latest young male blood servant. Fearing she will make a mistake and lose herself to his charms, Aislinn hastily sends him away.

Niccolò also introduces her to a more cultured life, showing her things and taking her places she would have never seen. After visiting Sanguelascivia, an erotic club with courtesans who cater to vampires, she takes on a female blood servant so that she will not be under the temptation of a man. They grow close— in every way imaginable. Being with Giuliana at least offers Aislinn some gratification from her persistently all-consuming sexual needs, until the day she can be reunited with her soul mate— soon, she prays.

 She focuses her efforts on searching the city for the man she is convinced is the reincarnate of her lost love, Donovan— the very reason she returned to Italy. She tracks him down by his scent and he begins courting her ardently. Aislinn is quickly becoming rapt by his charms and is more than ready to succumb to his seductive touch. But is she absolutely sure it is him, after all, or is she only making yet another serious misjudgment?

And then to make matters more confusing, Aislinn begins having recurring dreams and fantasies about Voljidaar, her dark and alluring creator from the land of cold and snow with his long pale hair and penetrating ice blue eyes, amongst his other even more desirable features . . .

If only she knew for certain the correct path, the one to which her true fate summons.  

Excerpt from LeannánBook III of the Anam Céile Chronicles

    By carriage to Venice we did travel, arriving in the wee hours of the night. Though I should have slept much of the way, I was much too filled with anticipation to sleep much. 

    Our carriage pulled to a stop before a grand house. Niccolò jumped from the carriage and as always the gentleman, offered me his hand in assistance. 

    A gentleman, who I immediately understood to be a vampire as well, ambled from 
the house to greet us. Elegant as Niccolò he was, though he had fair hair that just reached 
to his shoulders and large hazel eyes. I was a bit surprised at the instantaneous reaction of 
me body when he smiled at me softly, sending a sensation straight to me groin. 

    “Adriano, this is Aislinn,” Niccolò gave introduction. 

     Adriano smiled at me handsomely as he took me hand delicately in his and brought 
me knuckles to his cold lips to bestow a kiss upon them. “But my, you are so warm! And 
ever more beautiful than I have heard you rumored to be!”

    “You have heard of me?” I asked with incredulity. 

    “But of course! Word of you has spread through the land,” Adriano replied. 

    “Really?” I responded, wondering why anyone would be conversing about me. “But 
why ever are they talking about me?” 

    “Well, for one, it is not very often there is a warm one among us,” Adriano said as he stroked his hand across me face ever so slowly as though soaking up me heat. “And then there is that phenomenal little escape act you executed at the Grand Ball. Vampires from all across the land were there, and they have been talking of it ever since, along with the sweetness of your blood. Yes, Signorina, quite an impression you have left upon all of us, indeed. All those who had not the pleasure of attending that Ball have been hoping for the chance to meet you.” 

    I could scarcely believe it! I am the talk of vampire society? Never would I have thought such a thing to be true! 

    I just stared back at him baffled. 

    “Well then, I hope I will not spoil their imaginings!” I said, not really knowing how 
else to reply to such a revelation as that. 

    “Trust me, lovely one, not one single thing about you could ever be anything but 
an enchantment!” As Adriano said this he turned me hand over, and opening it to reveal me palm, kissed the tender inside of it and then breathed his way up me arm, all too easily sending erotic shivers through me, and just barely brushing his lips across me neck. 
Without thinking, I tilted me head back allowing him access, as the flesh between me legs 
began to throb mercilessly. 

    Much to me displeasure, he did nothing more than that, but instead laughed softly 
trailing his index finger across his lips as though recreating the feel of me skin under them. 

    “Most gracious you are Aislinn, to offer yourself up so readily to me. Perhaps later I shall take you up upon that,” Adriano said with a charming smile as I lowered me head and promptly became captivated by his absorbing eyes. 

    Suddenly I heard Niccolò chuckling in the background, pulling me out of the trance 
he had so easily put me in. I felt the hot flush moving through me face and in me 
embarrassment, lowered me eyes to conceal the rapid blinking of me eyelids which matched me heart rate. 

    I thought it was a good thing that Adriano would be unable to perform, fer by the 
time he was done with this ever so subtle seduction, I was ready to throw meself down 
under him and take him into me! 

    “But for now, it is nearly dawn,” Adriano said, taking no notice of me blushing, the 
gentleman he was. “Shall I show you to your sleeping quarters?”

    “Grazie, Adriano!” Niccolò replied. “You are too gracious.” 

Adriano casually led us into his grand home. It was a vision of white and gold, with 
some of the most lavish materials I had ever laid eyes upon. It was beautiful, indeed, 
though much too rich fer me taste. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining extravagance to be 
cossetted with such luxury, if only fer a few days. 

    Adriano began to lead Niccolò and I down the stairs to the lower floor, and I felt meself tense at the thought of sleeping in the lower portion of the house again. However, ’twas nothing as the dungeon at Zahrah’s. Instead, one could detect little difference between it and the main floors of the home, save fer the lack of windows. There were many bedrooms and it was just as opulent as any other part of the house. 

    Still I had a sense of anxiety about sleeping in the lower parts of the house after me 
former extended ordeal. But reluctant I was to voice me concern to Adriano as already he 
had been much too gracious and we had only just been acquainted. Therefore, most 
thankful I was when Niccolò spoke up on me behalf. 

    “Adriano, would you happen to have a sleeping chamber upon the main floor? 
Aislinn has no need of sleeping beneath and would prefer to be above ground after the 
grueling experience she suffered so recently at the hands of her mistress.” 

    “But of course! My apologies I did not realise of my own accord!” Adriano exclaimed. Then turning to me, he said in a lower tone, “How was it you were able to live with those succubi for such a length a time as you did? Did you not find them absolutely primitive?” 

    “Aye, I suppose so,” I started, feeling somewhat chagrined. “But fer lack of a better 
excuse, I simply did not know another way existed. They found me early on when I was 
but alone and frightened and took me in and proceeded to keep me blind.” I could not 
conceal the shame I still felt fer the atrocities I had committed during those decades, and I 
was sure it was then evident upon me face. 

    Of course, Adriano immediately comprehended me discomfort. “Oh, Aislinn, do 
forgive me my prying. Such a reminder of your dreadful experience I should not have 
engaged in!” He seemed truly apologetic fer me discomfort and because of it me fondness 
of him grew all the more. He seemed absolutely human! 

    “Thank you, Adriano! I do value your sensitivity,” I told him tenderly. 

    Smiling his lovely soft smile in response had the same effect upon me as earlier. He 
turned to Niccolò. “Here is your chamber, my good friend.” 

    “Grazie mille, amico!” Niccolò replied and disappeared into his chamber. 

    I was not unaware to the fact that Adriano and I were now alone. In fact, I quickly 
became acutely aware. Of course, he was nothing but a gentleman, but I missed the entire 
walk ascending the stairs back to the main floor, and wherever it was he led me after that, 
fer all I could concentrate upon was his proximity as I followed him. Damn, I had not been 
so attracted to someone as this in quite some time! 

    Alas, all too soon, he turned to me and said, “This will be your chamber, Signorina 

    “Grazie, Adriano,” I said, though there was so much more I wanted to say. 

    Won’t you come in? Can I offer you something to drink? Is it really true that thing 
doesn’t work? Here, let me see if there is anything I can do. 

     He smiled graciously. “Buona notte, bellissima Aislinn.” He took me hand and 
kissed it again. 

    “Goodnight, Adriano,” I replied stepping inside and closing the door behind me and 
leaning against it. Me breasts were rising with the heart sprinting beneath them, me head in a fog. I took a deep breath and walked to the majestic bedstead. 

    Though I should have been exhausted by that hour, I found it difficult to fall asleep, 
me mind floating about over the image of Adriano the way it was. 

    What is it about him? What is his story? With that charm, I can only imagine what 
kind of lover he must have been in his human days! Is there any way I can discover that fer meself? How can I be thinking this? Why must me relentless desire make me so weak? 

    Replaying our introductory conversation in me mind, I was surprised to actually find 
meself lingering upon the comment Adriano made referring to his drinking from me. I 
began to fantasize of his presence at the Vampire Ball where I had been the guest of honour, envisioning him being that close to me and taking from me what he needed in that seductive way of his. I found meself becoming increasingly aroused at the idea. After all I had endured, a bit I was mystified that it affected me as that. I must have fallen asleep, fer when I opened me eyes again the sun was low in the sky. I knew the day was drawing to a close, and the others would soon be rising. I decided to take the opportunity to bathe leisurely before the sensational and transformative evening to which Niccolò had eluded. 

    Without bothering to put upon a robe, I walked softly down the corridor and 
descended the grand staircase to locate the bathing quarters. After opening a few doors, I 
discovered it. Of course, it was grand as I predicted it would be. 

    As I relaxed in the vast tub of carved marble, the warm water enveloping me body, 
me thoughts drifted over the positive change me life had taken since I had escaped Zahrah’s domination. I eagerly anticipated the betterment to me life which obtaining a blood servant of me own would grant me, allowing me to be the compassionate person I once was, bestowing me with some shred of humanity in this cursed existence.

    Never again will I take another’s life! Never again will I have motive to, knowing 
now as I do of the alternatives I had so foolishly allowed meself to be kept blind to. Oh, 
the beautiful realm of possibilities! To have the best of both worlds, me required 
nourishment sans the tormenting guilt; the possibility of enjoying an intimate relationship
with another, of having a lover even.  Do I not deserve this? Aye. Fer the first time in so 
long, I can say I do! Worthy I am of that. 

    I found meself growing ever more ardent fer this new episode of me life to commence. Rising from the water I wrapped me body in a towel. The water saturating me dense head of hair was dripping down all over the floor, and as I did not see another towel, I removed the one from around me body and swathed it around me hair instead, piling it atop me head. 

    Hoping that I would be fortunate enough to still be the only one awake, I tiptoed 
out of the room wishing I had brought me robe after all. Just when I thought I had slipped 
by undetected about to ascend the staircase to me chamber, I felt a presence behind me. 
Knowing ‘twas not Niccolò— as his was a presence to which I had grown accustomed— I 
stalled in me path debating whether to flee up the stairs or confront the one who observed 

    I felt penetrating eyes boring into the bared flesh of me backside. Inhaling deeply, 
slowly I revolved upon the ball of me foot. Me breath locked in me breast as I stood there 
before Adriano, unadorned save fer the towel upon me head. He was a mere couple metres from me, his eyes grazing desirously over me entirely nude body in a manner so contrary to the gentleman I had presumed him to be. I felt the heat wash through every part of me, me skin tingling, and ultimately rush to the flesh between me legs, producing the throbbing with which I was all too acquainted. 

    Adriano’s large hazel eyes moved up me form, lingering over me breasts, me nipples 
stiffening involuntarily under his intense gaze. The corners of his mouth turned up with a 
satisfied expression as he lifted his eyes to meet mine. As I detected the desire evident in his eyes, I feared I could not hide me own. As though the finely tuned response in every part of me body had not already delivered sufficient evidence of that! 

    As if in some effort to repress it, I pressed me teeth into the supple flesh of me lip. I 
heard him murmur appreciatively as carefully he began to move towards me. I was frozen 
in me place with the anticipation of the delicious ambiguity of it all. 

    I was not certain what it was Adriano wanted from me, nor what I wanted from him. 
And yet, at the same time, I recognized that what I wanted from him was everything he 
could possibly give me and fer him to take whatever he wanted of me. Never had I felt such instantaneous unbridled lust as I did then! The fierceness of it alarmed me whilst 
simultaneously invigourating me. 

    “Aislinn, you are the most beautiful creature ever I have laid eyes upon,” Adriano 
whispered when he was a half metre from me. I discerned from his tone and his cautious 
approach, he was seeking me acquiescence to proceed with what we both knew we wanted 
more than anything in this moment. 

    But still, what exactly could that be? 

    I could only know me own desire. I desired him. In any way that meant. Suddenly, I wanted him to drink of me, although it shocked even meself as to why I would desire this 
after the treacherous ordeal I had experienced. Then again, I distinguished it would be 
different with him. Nothing as it had been with Zahrah. Adriano could not be cruel as she. 

    Much too refined he was fer that. 

    To give him the invitation he sought, I made an effort to relax me form. I reached 
me arms up to me head drawing his eyes return to me uplifted breasts. I unfolded the towel from me hair and let it fall to the floor behind me, me hair hanging down me back and sides. Still heavy from wetness, it fast was dripping onto me derriere and hips, the droplets of water running down me legs, directing me attention to the burning moisture between them which threatened to spill over and course down me legs at any given moment. 

    At the sight of me standing before him as this with obvious acceptance, Adriano’s 
eyes flared and darkened with desire. I was becoming impatient with his restraint, so I took a step in his direction until we were but merely a breath apart. 

    I met his eyes again and stated, “I regret to inform you that I do not feel you are 
giving me just and fair treatment.” I waved me hands over me own state of nakedness and 
then over the house jacket covering him. 

    A slow smirk teased at his mouth. Much too impatient to wait fer him to react, I 
placed me hands upon his robe and ran them down along the collar provocatively as we 
locked eyes. Me hands continued their descent to the sash at his waist. His eyes broadened as I deftly loosened it, letting his robe to fall open and swiftly pushed it from his shoulders so that it fell behind him, leaving him standing before me equally bare. 

    It most pleased me that he appeared rather taken aback by this most brazen move. I 
played it up by stepping back and allowing me eyes to scan over his form appraisingly. After several sweeps of me eyes up and down and across his body, I lifted me brow and 
slowly tipped me head in approval. A man of average height and lighter build he was, 
having a lean but toned physique, and no covering of hair upon his torso. He appeared just as a man who was in the midst of the transition between youth and the dawn of his 
manhood. I decided he must have been but a young man when he was turned. I wondered 
whether he had ever had the pleasure of a true carnal encounter prior to that. 

    The lovely golden hair which swept past his shoulders was echoed in the nest of curls surrounding the root of his organ. Contrary to the knowledge of which I was aware, to me disappointment it hung unaffected by our encounter thus far. Somehow, I had still hoped I would magically be able to push past the curse and inspire an awakening in it. 

    Perhaps still there is a chance. After all, we have yet even to touch. 

    With that thought, I moved forward to press me body against him, the fullness of 
me breasts melding against the smoothness of his chest. I lifted me arms and wrapped them around his neck, he likewise wrapping his arms around me slender waist, drawing us closer to each other, our eyes boring into each other’s souls. I could feel the malleability of his organ pressed into me lower belly as I brought me face to his and placed me lips upon his without hesitation. He promptly took the lead, coaxing me mouth open with his tongue and entering it fervently as his hands moved over me in exploration. 

    Relishing the feel of his tongue with mine, as well as that of his hands moving down 
me back and over the roundness of me derriere, I let me own hands glide over his male 
form, yearning to feel a sign of responsiveness from the part of him still pressed against me belly.  Removing his mouth from mine, he met me hungry eyes fer a second before 
lowering his face to whisper in me ear. “I wish to taste of you.” 

    I did not know to which part of me he referred, although in that moment, little did 
it matter. Eager I was to give him whatever he wanted of me. “Yes, Adriano, taste me,” I 
breathed in response. Adriano laid me down upon the steps and took a moment to 
appreciate the view I provided him before lowering himself over me. When his lips grazed 
down me neck to the curve of me shoulder, I knew which he intended. 

    Though me head was screaming at me not to tolerate such an invasion ever again, 
though me body ‘twas more than willing. I tilted me head to the side giving him full access 
to me vein. However, Adriano did not rush into it, instead placing a soft kiss upon the 
edge of me shoulder before descending down to me breasts. I moaned as he took them in 
his hands and kneading them, brought me nipple to his mouth and drew it in, suckling 
softly. I could not refrain from writhing as he continued this upon one and then the other 
repeatedly, inflaming the ache at the V of me legs. 

    Just when I was certain I would not be able to endure another moment of his sensual 
torture, his mouth abandoned me breasts— though his hands remained attached— and softly kissed its way back up the line of me neck. Having been given time to process the 
idea, I tensed a little as I braced fer the puncture of me flesh under his teeth. 
Perceptive to me subtle change, he halted and lifted his head to look at me. 

    “Aislinn, do not feel you are obliged to give yourself to me. I do not wish to take if you are not willing.” 

    “Oh, no, Adriano. Willing I am. I only became a bit anxious,” I assured him. Or 
was it to reassure meself? 

    “I know of what you have endured, and want you to understand never would I do 
anything to hurt you,” he promised me softly, searching me eyes fer signs of hesitation. “I 
realise what a precious treasure you are, and I profoundly value whatever part of yourself 
you are willing to bestow upon me.” 

    I was speechless! No one had ever said anything quite as that to me before. In 
answer, I smiled and tilted me head back as it had been and taking a deep breath, waited to feel him. 

    A moment later he moved in and his lips brushed the skin of me neck almost 
ceremoniously. I felt as though I was a sort of delicacy to him, a treasure as he had stated. 
His tongue licked a circle at the base of me throat, and then I felt the piercing of his teeth. 
I gasped but then relaxed as he slowly began sucking from me in a most gentle manner. I 
felt the tingling sensation moving up through the inside of me and into his beckoning 
mouth, adding to the swarm of sensations already bourgeoning in me body. 

    As Adriano drank from me in the most gentle and pleasurable manner ever I had 
experienced, he continued to knead me breasts, his thumbs at times honing onto me nipples. 

    He twisted and rubbed them between his fingers rhythmically until I could scarcely keep still, and I could not distinguish the source of me mounting pleasure. So it was easy to associate it with his drinking from me, which helped me to further accept it. 

    Just when me pleasure had escalated to the point where I was sure it would 
overwhelm me, his suckling at me neck came to an end. His detachment from me made me whimper. Nevertheless I had noticed me lightheadedness and could not be certain whether it was from me fog of pleasure or the weakening of me blood. He knew just when to cease his taking of me. As he promised, in no way whatsoever had he hurt me. 

    That was when I realised it. 

    His manhood was no longer soft, but instead the organ pressed rigid against me 
belly, it had doubled in volume, as though the blood I had given him had gone directly to 
fulfilling it. 

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